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The Golden Band

Golden Band
  • Golden Band
  • Golden Band closeup
  • Golden band ring with diamonds
  • Golden band in pieces
  • Golden band Ivory finger
  • Golden Band open box
  • Golden Band closed box
USD $2,900.00

Carved mammoth ivory to represent a finger, wrapped with a golden band set with 8 diamonds and chosen to be included in the book "The Art of Modern Custom Knifemaking".

Fast Facts:

  • OAL: 8 1/2     "BL: 3 5/8"
  • Rockwell Hardness C 59
  • Stainless rainbow damascus
  • Sculpted ivory handle
  • Lost wax cast golden guard
  • 8 fully cut diamonds
  • Mother of pearl
  • Horse hair

100 Knives in the makingThis truly unique project was originally designed in 2001, made in 2005. The "Golden Band' is one design that shows the distinct flow in my work. The concept of a knife with a finger as a handle and a golden band as symbolic guard is unique, but represents daily life, in more then one way. 10 gram of 14 ct gold were used in the ring, that has 8 fully cut diamonds (total of 0.25 carats) set into it.

The finger is carved mammoth ivory and sculpted to have finger prints and joint folds. Lacy, a quarter horse, was so kind to donate her hair for the the project. A mother of pearl piece was meticulous shaped to be inlayed and under laid as the nail. I highly recommend to get the book, "The Art of Modern Custom Knifemaking", ISBN 965-90907-0-6 for a fully detailed step by step image portfolio of how the project was made.

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