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Paua Shell Fighter

Paua Shell Fighter
  • Paua Shell Fighter
  • Paua Shell Fighter close up view

"Best Fighter" at the Las Vegas Classic Show, Las Vegas USA. The Paua shell fighter is a slick and fast tactical design.

Fast Facts:

  • OAL: 9 5/8"BL: 4 1/4"
  • BG 42 stainless steel satin finished to 1200 grit
  • Paua shell handle
  • 14 ct Gold Wire pins
  • False edge

Blade Magazine 2001

Featured in Blade Magazine February 2001, page 111.

With an inline tip, the blade becomes ones extension of ones hand and allows for quick actions. Made from BG 42, a proprietary alloy of Timken Latrobe Steel. BG-42 is a high-performance, martensitic stainless steel used in the aerospace industry. Because of its high strength and ability to reach high Rockwell hardness (Rc 61-62), BG-42 is well suited for blades that are subjected to extreme use and it takes a keen edge.

The blade was meticulously ground and hand finished to 1200 grit satin, for a lustrous and easy to maintain finish. A false edge adds to the overall balance and feel of the blade. Dovetailed Nickle Silver bolsters, with disinct bevels transition into the colourful Paua shell handle without feeling the slightes hint of such transition. 14ct yellow gold pins ever so sublty accent the Paua and add in addition to the hidden pins in holding the handle to the full tang.

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