My signature on all my work are my Sweeping Grindlines. Not only do they look attractive, but more so they are a functional and revolutionary design feature. For further reading, please see article here.

Grind Evolution: The Next Step in Performance Improvement

My grind sweeps in a gradual arch from the plunge, (which is not a true plunge any more) to the tip.  Because of this arch, the grind will act like a spring should the blade get flexed under stress and there fore it is much stronger. Where there is a sharp shoulder or square cut, there is a possible weak point under a stressful condition. This is due to the fact that the grain flow of the particular metal has been cut into and left exposed.

The sweeping flat grind is aesthetically pleasing as it follows the shape of the blade gracefully.  But make no mistake, it does so much more than be pretty.  What would you rather own, a sports car with a set of wagon wheels or one with a set of performance tires?


Invisible Screw Construction

Pioneered in 2003 and often duplicated my folding knives are constructed with invisible screws. Many higher end folding knives feature visible screw construction. I find this very distracting to the overall look of the knife. While more tedious to construct the hidden screw design allows great design flow with a solid construction method.

Hidden Bolster Fastening

Typically a large percentage of higher end knives with damascus bolsters feature visible pin or screw fastening. I find this very distracting to the overall look of the knife. My solution is to invisibly pin the bolsters, a secure and solid construction method, without visual distractions