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Carbon Damascus

Oosic and Damascus Frontiers Blade
Forty Mile - Oosic
Hazelton Ladder Damascus Hunter handled in Fiddleback Maple main view
Hazelton Ladder
Desert Ironwood Handled Damascus folding knife
Desert Ironwood
Mother of Pearl and Damascus Dress Knife main view
Mother of Pearl and
Damascus Petty with Highly Figured Maple Handle
Damascus Petty
Stag and Kernmantel Damascus Drop Point Hunter
Stag and Kernmantel
Castle 2 Damascus Hunter with Stabilized Maple Burl Handle
Castle 2 Damascus
Castle Damascus Hunter with Stabilized Spalted Koa Handle
Castle Damascus
Banded Meteorite Ladder Damascus with Mammoth Ivory stainless bolsters
Banded Meteorite
Random damascus gentlemen knife with hammer textured bronze bolsters and python sheath
Random damascus
Random Damascus gentlmen knife with stag handle main view
Random Damascus
Desert Ironwood and Damascus Dress Knife with Sting Ray Sheath
Desert Ironwood and
Selkirk Damascus Hunter with Stabilized Maple Handle
Selkirk Damascus
Cascade 2 Hunter Damascus with Stabilized Spalted Maple Handle other view
Cascade 2 Hunter
Damascus Huntress with Maple Burl Handle and Fuchsia Perch Leather
Damascus Huntress
Aberdeen Hunter with Curly Koa Handle
Aberdeen Damascus
Pukeashun Damascus with Juniperburl and Gold Lip Pearl Inlay Hunter
Pukeashun Damascus
Skraeling Biter multy view
Skraeling Biter
3 Gentlemen Folders
3 Little Gentlemen
Myanmar Minthamee main image
Myanmar Minthamee
Crowsnest Damascus and Ivory Hunter
Crowsnest Damascus
Random Damascus and Ivory Hunter
Random Damascus and
Voyageur, a folder
Kernmantle Damascus and Stag Hunter
Kernmantle Damascus
Kernmantel Damascus and Mammoth Ivory Hunter
Kernmantle Damascus